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We’re familiar with the expressions, “There’s no place like home” and “Home is where the heart is”, but do you think of your home as a healthy, healing space? How can your home improve your health?

There’s nothing more important than our health - both physical and mental. But we don’t often correlate home with the betterment of our health. Consider air quality, water quality and light for starters. Did you know that respiratory exposure to any mold may be capable of causing brain inflammation, cognitive deficits, and emotional problems? 

Water quality has a profound effect on the home impacting cooking, cleaning, bathing and most importantly - what you’re putting in your body. 

Light is another element. Natural light from windows help connect us to nature. When man evolved, he lived in the forest with the rabbits and the wolves. Our brains are an artifact of 3.6 billion years of evolution. In other words, our DNA is hardwired with the need to connect to nature. The term Biophilia is popping up in home design. “Bio” means nature, living. “Philia” means love of, “a love of life or living things.” Therefore natural light, and plants help connect us to our roots. 

Interestingly, we spend billions of dollars a year on stress-related diseases. In Japan, doctors are prescribing “Forest Bathing” instead of Xanax. Forest bathing translates to taking in the forest with all of our senses. The results of case studies that started in 1992 saw patients had a 12.4% decrease in cortisol levels and a 6% decrease in heart rate. Furthermore, the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine did a study of 107 cardiac patients. Instead of medicine, the patients were prescribed tours of greenhouses and planting activities - getting their hands in the dirt. The results saw a decrease in heart rates of 5 BPM. These findings encourage us to create landscapes in our yards, and bring plants into our homes - not only to improve the aesthetics of our surrounding, but to improve our health.
There is a strong argument supporting living in a new construction home versus a used home. A new home offers clean ducts, clean carpet, clean air and clean water. A used home is full of knowns and unknowns. You know it isn’t completely clean - but you don’t know the full picture until you’re actually living in the home. New homes offer open spaces, generous windows and sliding glass doors allowing us to be more connected to nature. New construction homes offer the optimum environment for creating a healthy home and healthy families. 

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