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Take advantage of a $6,000 Seller Credit when you purchase an HB Value Home financed through Coastal Loans.

What is a Seller Credit?

A Seller Credit is defined as an incentive given to a buyer by a seller. The incentive is usually financial, something to offset the cost of purchasing a home. HB Value Homes is currently offering a $6,000 Seller Credit to home buyers purchasing a new HB Value Home when using a home loan provided by Coastal Loans. Coastal Loans is the Preferred Lender for HB Value Homes and its parent company, Holiday Builders.

How to Use a Seller Credit

Everyone's financial picture is unique. Furthermore, there are a variety of loan types. That means buyers come to the closing table with varying needs. A Seller Credit may be used to pay eligible closing costs alleviating the need for the buyer to bring that cash to the closing table. However, some buyers may choose to use the Seller Credit to buy down the interest rate. 

Coastal Loans' Loan Originators can answer specific questions on loan types and various ways to use a Seller Credit. For more information on HB Value Homes, floorplans, locations and pricing, visit HB Value Homes.