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Eco-friendly laundry practices

Here are a few simple tips for keeping your home clean while being kind to the environment. Let’s start with laundry. First, there’s no need to wash clothes after just one wear unless there is excessive dirt or stains. Second – cold water saves energy. In fact, your hot water doesn’t really get hot enough to kill germs. Third – stop using fabric softener and use vinegar instead. Dryer sheets are also overused and create too much waste. Lastly – hang clothes out to dry instead of using a dryer. My mom always said, “Sheets from the line smell better.”

We found these interesting facts about laundry detergent from the website “Curbed”…

Powder: The packaging for powdered detergent is usually cardboard, which is biodegradable and/or recyclable—win! And shipping it will have a lower carbon footprint than shipping liquid, which is heavier. However, a study by the European Mermaids Life+ project found that powdered detergents release more microplastics with each wash cycle. Plus, powdered detergents may not work as well in cold water.
Liquid: The plastic bottles are a bummer and shipping liquids requires more energy. If you’re opting for liquid, go for an ultra-concentrated formulation—and only use the recommended dosage, which is sometimes just a tablespoon for a whole load!
Pods: Not all pods or tablets are created equal, and what’s most eco will come down to what detergent itself is made of. The dissolvable plastic film that encloses the detergent, however, is safe for the environment.

Use your dishwasher

Hand washing dishes uses 3.5 times as much water as a dishwasher does. Furthermore, newer dishwashers. Testing shows that it takes more than 12 gallons of water to wash four place setting by hand whereas a dishwasher used 2.36 gallons to get the same amount of dishes, just as clean. For all the details visit the website Reviewed.

Use Eco-friendly products

There are a number of eco-friendly products on the market for all your cleaning needs. Using these products protects your family, your pets and the environment from harmful chemicals. For recommendations and online purchasing options see The Good Trade. 

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