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You love your grandma, but you don't want your home to look like she decorated it. Professional designers share what to avoid so your new home doesn't look dated. Many thanks to Good Housekeeping for the great photo of Grandma and her plates.

Out With The Fake and Fluffy

Ba-Bye Fake Plants
There's nothing attractive about a fake plant. These dust collectors scream "FAKE" and take away from your new home vibe.

Shameless Shower Curtains
With so many choices in shower curtains, there's no excuse for using one with a ruffle. You don't want your bathroom reminding you of the horrid bridesmaid dress you had to wear at your friend's wedding. Keep it classy and elegant.

Toilet Seat Covers and Rugs
Nothing screams "dated" like the classic fuzzy toilet seat cover and matching rug. Repurpose them for your cat or dog carrier.

Fatal Furniture Fopaux

Lose the La-Z-Boy recliners
No offense to the La-Z-Boy folks. They manufacture well-made, attractive furniture. But one recliner is enough. A modern look is better achieved with a sofa, love seat, or bench. Pro tip: La-Z-Boy makes furniture that doesn't recline. 

Patterned Sofas or Loveseats
The goal with larger furnishings is to keep them neutral and use pillows and other accents to bring in your bright color or floral or patterned prints. You don't need a screaming couch.

Too Many Throw Pillows
If you're removing more than two pillows from your bed before your crawl in, you probably have too many throw pillows on your bed. 

Pushing Furniture Against the Walls
Today's open floorplans are in opposition to the old-fashioned tradition of pushing furniture up against the walls. Doing this actually makes a room look smaller.

If Walls Could Talk

Gaudy Gold-Framed Mirrors
If walls could talk, they'd beg you to remove the gold-leaf framed mirrors. Mirrors on the wall can be tasteful decorator items serving in some cases, to create the illusion of a larger space. However, unless you're the owner of an oil painting by one of the masters, get rid of the gold.

Low-hung Art Work
Low-hung framed art creates a visual illusion of shorter walls negatively impacting the open, modern feel of your new home. The main focus of your artwork should fall just below your eye line when you hang your artwork. 

We all know how much Grandma loved her wallpaper. She wasn't wrong about that. But before you cover the walls, consider wallpapering an accent wall instead of an entire room.

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