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Designer Decorating Tips

Now that you have your new house, it’s time to make it the home of your dreams. Follow these simple decorating tips from the experts to avoid common mistakes.

  • Don’t overlook the entry to your home. It is the first thing people see, so add a rug or art work or side table – something that makes a welcoming statement. 
  • Don’t crowd a room with furniture. Take room measurements and make sure you leave a little room so things aren’t crowded and congested.
  • It’s always best to have a sofa that’s more neutral in tone. Brighten it up with contrasting pillows, appropriately sized for the couch. 
  • Rooms should feel like you’ve spent time collecting treasured pieces – not purchased off a showroom floor. So take your time making selections – everything doesn’t need to “match”. 
  • Don’t just decorate your home with “decorator stuff” found in a store. Instead, peronalize it with  things that have meaning to you, collections from your travels, family photos, etc. 
  • Make sure you’ve left enough white space so that you can see your collection of treasures. Too much clutter just makes things confusing and distracting. 
  • Try to not push furniture all the way up against the walls. It actually makes a room feel smaller. 
  • When using an area rug, make sure all the furniture fits on the rug. The rug should ground the room. It’s wise to leave a foot of space between the rug edges and the walls. 
  • When adding color in a room, use three colors, not just two – a base color and two accent colors. Your base color will be more neutral and the accent colors should be brighter. 

  • Look at your decorated room from the ground level. If all you see are “legs” you’re going to want to add some softness – drapes, table cloths or cloth covered chairs or a sofa. 
  • Make rooms more interesting by using varying heights of furnishings. Different heights cause your eye to move about.
  • The most tasteful bedding decor is all white. White shams, white comforter, white bedskirt. Add interest with a sham and pillows with a pattern or accent color. 
  • Recessed lighting is clean but it’s boring and not soft. Make sure to use a combination of floor and table lamps.
  • When you have a large wall to fill, use a large piece of art work instead of a combination of smaller works. 

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