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Why should you use our preferred lenders when buying an HB Value home? There are many reasons - starting with saving money and the value of relationships.

Love the Savings

There are so many lenders to choose from when purchasing a new home, so why use our preferred lenders? One great reasons is the savings. HB Value Homes gives you $4,000 toward closings costs when you choose to work with Shelter Mortgage, FBC Mortgage or University Lending Group. You'll find the contact information for each of our lenders on our website. Click here for more information. Plus, our lenders will give you 1% of the purchase price toward closing costs. (Note: This 1% may be applied in various ways - see lender for details.)

HB Value Homes requires that our preferred lenders provide conditional approval of a customers loan within two weeks of contract signing. Outside lenders do not have any incentive to meet a builder's timeline.

The Value of Relationships

Our preferred lenders are part of the HB Value family. Their number one goal is to be available to HB Value customers to help them obtain financing for their new home. In fact, our three lending partners work together to that end. If one company cannot provide the loan, they'll work with one of our other lending partners to try and get a loan approved. Each lender has different programs to offer. Throughout the process, communication between the homebuyer, the lender and the builder are imperative.

Credit Enhancement

The process of obtaining a loan takes time. Once a homebuyer has submitted all of the required documentation when applying for a loan, it is important that they maintain income, refrain from taking on additional debt and continue to pay credit cards and other loans in a timely manner. If a homebuyer has credit issues to overcome, our preferred lenders can offer advice to get on track. They are not financial advisors, but they can help to steer homebuyers in the right direction. For a true story of one homebuyer's journey, watch this video by our parent company - Holiday Builders. The video illustrates how forming a relationship with your lender is key in the path to home ownership.

HB Value Homes

HB Value Homes are available in select areas throughout Florida. Each home includes a two-car garage. Floorplans range from 1,516 sf to 2,134 sf. Our homes features fashionable vinyl flooring and stain resistant carpeting. Our designers have created custom, curated design selections in varying color schemes. For more information on plans, pricing and locations, visit our website.